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/*      Copyright (C) 2004 Stijn van Dongen
 * This file is part of MCL.  You can redistribute and/or modify MCL under the
 * terms of the GNU General Public License; either version 2 of the License or
 * (at your option) any later version.  You should have received a copy of the
 * GPL along with MCL, in the file COPYING.

#ifndef util_list_h
#define util_list_h

#include "types.h"
#include "gralloc.h"

 * History.
 *    The data structure used is similar to that by Jan van der Steen's pool.c
 *    code, which used to be part of this library. So kudos to Jan.  The
 *    present implementation, which is a bit different, was not directly copied
 *    nor modified. It descended from a botched linked list implementation
 *    having it's own buffered storage. Only at that time I realized that the
 *    right solution for lists and hashes is to have a private pool of gridmem,
 *    rather than deriving it from a global pool (so that we still can defer
 *    thread-safety to malloc). Right?
 *    The present implementation was then derived from the botched linked list
 *    and sanitized afterwards. The linked list.c is still slightly botched.

/* Description
 *    This provides a doubly linked list/link interface with buffered storage
 *    (invisible to the user).  The current interface operates entirely via
 *    links, the commanding structure is hidden. Other interface types may
 *    arise later.
 *    You can create a number of chains drawing memory from the same pool.
 *    It only provides basic link insertions and deletions as a convenience
 *    interface, and does not maintain consistency checks, neither on links,
 *    nor on storage.

/* TODO:
 *    -  make prev xor next link optional.
 *    -  make hidden pointer optional.
 *    -  provide interface that uses list struct.
 *    -  convenience interface for tying two chains together.
 *    -  list-to-array interface.

typedef struct mcxLink
{  struct mcxLink*   next
;  struct mcxLink*   prev
;  void*             val
}  mcxLink                 ;

/* options:
 * same as for mcxGrimNew

mcxLink*  mcxLinkNew
(  long     capacity_start
,  void*    val
,  mcxbits  options
)  ;

/* Creates new chain, that can later be tied to other chains.

mcxLink*  mcxLinkSpawn
(  mcxLink* lk
,  void* val
)  ;

void  mcxLinkFree
(  mcxLink**   lk
,  void        freeval(void* valpp)    /* (yourtype1** valpp)     */
)  ;

mcxLink*  mcxLinkAfter
(  mcxLink*    prev
,  void*       val
)  ;

mcxLink*  mcxLinkBefore
(  mcxLink*    prev
,  void*       val
)  ;

/* You can use the val pointer, immediately after deleting.

mcxLink*  mcxLinkDelete
(  mcxLink*    lk
)  ;

mcxGrim* mcxLinkGrim
(  mcxLink* lk
)  ;


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